Gabriella Oravecz
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Gabriella Oravecz

Since I can remember I was seeking an answer to the question: what is my purpose in life? What is my ultimate goal?
To find it, I have finished and graduated University of Szeged in Hungary, and earned my Masters of Art Degree in Literature, Media & Communication.
I learned to own my creativity in a professional way. For four years I worked and lived in Greece for an affordable future to start my career. In 2012 I moved to Holland and two years later I became a freelance photographer. Passion and work became one.
I started with food photography. The compositions and scheduled shoots gave me confidence and more reference. It was a great exploring experience, as well as shooting for hotels and restaurants in tourism. Portrait photos were the result of my hunger for something more personal and brought me to the centre of attention.
In 2015 I invested in several pieces of equipment and laid the foundation of Wonder Image Photography. During the editing of images, I use Lightroom and Photoshop, which is the birth of a Wonder Image.
So finally I have found the answer to my question: What is my ultimate goal? I am here to create everlasting memories for you with Wonder Image Photography.

Gabriella Oravecz


"Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do the with way you see them."
Elliott Erwitt

  • Thank you very much for your amazing work! Me and my wife really liked the photos you took on our son’s birthday party. You were amazing with all kids, they were so happy for the bubbles you brought, looks stunning on the photos btw 🙂 We already would like to book you for next year, please save it in your agenda! I already recommended you to my friends, now I recommend you to everyone, except on the days I make a reservation 🙂

  • As I am a tour guide in the Netherlands I book WIP in every season of the year at least once. I build my public portfolio for my PR, and I needed a photographer to capture me on those special locations what my clients can see on my tours. I can not be more satisfied with the results. I would use the words of the photography: ‘Tell your story with Wonder Images!’

  • My wedding would not had been complete without Wonder Image Photography! It was a really long day and WIP was there from the beginning till the end. Enthusiastic and very friendly, our family and friends loved her and the photos what we received in three weeks. My mother made a photo book of the pictures, and now I can time-travel back to my wedding day to repeat the best moments and remember everything forever!

    Eva, 29
  • I am a professional dancer and I created my first portfolio with Wonder Image Photography. We did indoor and outdoor portrait shoots and I just loved the cheerful instructions and the kind compliments on my posing. I think it is very easy to feel comfortable with WIP during a photoshoot. It was also great to see how my ideas became real pictures! Great job, strongly recommended photographer!

    Bryan, 20
  • You made our engagement unforgettable!!! My boyfriend took me to Amsterdam, and he searched on Facebook for a photographer, and he choose Wonder Image Photography to capture how he was going to ask the big question. I did not know about it, they discussed everything how it was going to happen, so when he stopped on the bridge and he proposed to me, I was extremely happy, but I didn’t know there was a photographer involved capturing our moment. We love all the photos, you were great and extremely professional! Thank you, WIP!

    RoseAnna, 24
  • It is hard to miss a pearl in the ocean which is shining so brightly. I found Wonder Image Photography by accident, looking for wedding design ideas for my own BIG day. I was already convinced according to her page, but what she did on our wedding was just simply the best! It was a small but delicate wedding with lights and waterside. My dress was naturally beautiful, just as it looked on the photos. Wonderful work with a wonderful spirit, real artist behind the camera! Book her on time and shine on her photos!