You draw the line. To make the experience extra unique, I’m working with professionals I can truly recommend. Add them to your photoshoot or contact them for their services. 100% Guarantee!

Designer, second shooter, drone or tourguide? I got you covered!

Camila Macedo will help you creating an exclusive and unique concept for your shoot. From advising about outfits, to bringing elements that will add the atmosphere you wish on your pictures, a totally customized style made for you. The possibilities are infinite when there is creativity involved.
To check more about her work:

In case you decide to have two photographer on your photoshoot, I bring Romy Oomen with me. Plenty of experience working together, she is my right hand. (I'm left handed, haha)
Romy is my drone-eye as well, capturing your magnificent moments from birdview.

Would you like to dig into the history of the Netherlands? Registered tourguide, Nikolett Törteli, knows the answer to all your questions. Combine your photoshoot with a real storyteller.

Camila Macedo


Romy Oomen

Second shooter/Drone

Nikolett Törteli